Sunday, March 25, 2007

Top 14 IT Managerial lessons from World Cup

At the risk of being very wallstreetish, india's loss may do good to exams and deliveries and revenues, even though it may shave off half a % of india's growth this year on sentiment.

Bhai indian cricket mein bahut problems hain magar ek do baat seekhne layak hain - for a manager:

1. Hiring decision(sehwag) is the most important decision for a manager's career(dravid). Dil se naheen, dimag se khelo.
2. Live project par use na khilao jo kabhi bhi bug likh de (sehwag).
3. Jo lagatar do bar kharab khele use teesre match mein bitha do (uthappa).
4. Enthusiasm (zaheer) can be more valuable than experience (sachin)
5. Talent (dhoni) is not enough. Technique (skill set) bhi mangta hai.
6. If you want a manager (chappell) to do well, to uske sar par doosra (vengsarkar) na bithao.
7. Fancy resume ya ppt ya english (chappell) ko hire mat karo. Code likhwao (moody).
8. When asked to lead a team with too many stars, run.
9. Don't promote a great coder (dravid) into a bad manager (dravid).
10. Manager ka pichhla record (pura cup, western australia never won a thing under chappell) persists.
11. Current form, not past record is important. 1900 mein aap bakait the to ye apka problem hai.
12. Rely on those who do well under pressure and in crunch games (close to deadlines).
13. Don't go by reputations. Go by performance.

14th one is from amway... Agar koi team 16 match mein 12 mein 50 over na khele to 13wan bhi naheen khelegi.

Stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. In that sense, it's different from perseverance. You persevere with something (like hard work) that's known to work often in your other people's experience and has an economic justification.

You persist foolishly with (Agarkar) that's known not to work.

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Sambit Kumar Dash said...

I think one important thing to learn. If you are the best then that's the death to anything you do.

Know to dance such that no one is looking.